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The NateCast is a series of documentary-style vignettes capturing moments of Nate Chappell's unusual life. It's comedy, but it's real. Real funny.

Dec 31, 2016

It's the Winter Days Episode! Ho Ho Ho! What did you call me? HOW DARE YOU? This week we talk toys! And Nate finds his very first podcast! (Although at the time it was just called a tape no one wanted to listen to) I'm sure there's something else in there, but hell if I remember.

Dec 19, 2016

No shit, I REALLY like this one. Listen to Dr. Karl's song a few times. It's a real earworm. And mouth worm! We'll talk to Fin about snow, Johnny about laundry machine installation, Viv about scaring her, and hear a story about a VAN!

Dec 12, 2016

It's a good one! Totally worth the wait. We've got a snowy walk, coffee in real time, Viv doing voiceover, and a new alphabet song based on the qwerty keyboard! Can you even imagine?

Nov 15, 2016

Today, we talk about the election. Before and after. I know, super fun. And Nate Greatey announces his 2017 candidacy, and we listen to an episode of the True Crime Documentary series Nateline. LISTEN UP!

Nov 4, 2016

Did you miss me? On this episode, we do a cross-over 'sode with our brother podcast, my brother's podcast, The RobCast! And I have fun with balls, bouncy and not! Oh, and a funny voicemail I got!